Almost everytime when we listen to a song or music, there is also the musical instruments that accompany it. They go hand in hand and musicians also carries their own musical instruments. There are musicians who take to the extreme and destroy the guitars they had used for one concert. Because they can afford it so they just do it and fans even like it. Others keep it as keepsakes and memories but they do not mind it. After some time it was followed by others.

Musical instruments vary from different countries around the world. There are even types of it and if all were to be listed, it would take pages. These instruments were grouped into their classification like the wind instruments.  Around the world, there are those who belong to this classification and their sizes are also different. The wind instruments are classified into two categories. The brass and the woodwind instruments. In the brass category, it includes trumpets, euphoniums, horns, and tubas. In the woodwind category, it has bassoons, saxophones, flutes, clarinets, and recorders.

The piano is one of the most played musical instrument. I am not sure if it is the first one second to guitar or the vice versa. You can see on the internet that many people also play the piano. There are those located in public places that people are free to play. They just need the courage to play with huge a huge audience. Many are up to the challenge and have entertained people.