5 Famous and Easy Songs to Play on your Guitar

When the guitar was made, songs can be heard more beautifully because of the sound created by the guitar. From then on, many songs are heard all throughout the world. Guitarists too are known all over the world. A song is very important. But, without any musical instrument just like the guitar, a song will […]

Your New And Amazing Guitar Tricks

Guitar is a fun musical instrument that anyone can play. It is the easiest musical instrument to play and even elementary learners could do. In most cases, guitar is carried by musicians because it is the most basic and lightest instrument to hold. Some young people would even bring it as one body. However, it […]

Best Piano Tutorial for Beginners

One of the most amazing stuff anyone can learn in the world of music is piano. In fact, piano is one of the easiest musical instruments to learn. Your amazing environment would influence you in all your music study. In order to learn piano, you should find a music academy for you to learn. Actually, […]

Enroll Your Children in a Music School

The most wonderful dream of a mother or parents for their children will be fulfilled when they start inspiring them beginning at childhood. Now is actually the music age where most people dream of becoming a performer on stage. This is why some parents enroll their children in music classes even after their regular class […]

The Most Difficult Musical Instruments to Play

Have you ever wondered which musical instruments are the most difficult to learn? Below are list of the most difficult ones. As a music lover, there would always be a room in your heart to learn and play at least 3 musical instruments so that you could satisfy the desire of your heart to become […]

Enhance your Skill in Playing Percussion

Percussion is one of the best musical instruments that complete a band performance. In fact, drummers are called the king of music. As a drummer, your training will be tremendous. Actually there are things that we should know as a drummer. Below are techniques for you to become better in your field. These may help […]

8 Amazing and Talented Female Guitarists

Most people might think that only men are the ones who could play the guitar very well. But that’s not true. Women too can prove to you that they are ready to take the challenge. If they are asked to perform using an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar in front of many audience, then […]

The ways to become a good guitar player by tuning

Many people are learning to play the guitar but it is also the fact that not all have succeeded. That is because there are many reasons and factors that could affect the¬†success of learning it. Others are very excited at first to learn it and so they buy there guitar and then also the magazine […]

Understanding the guitar picks

I learned to play guitar, you should also learn about the picks as you will use them when playing. You can choose to not use them but they are helpful. You could give them a try and see if it is more suitable for you than using your fingers alone to play. There are different […]