I learned to play guitar, you should also learn about the picks as you will use them when playing. You can choose to not use them but they are helpful. You could give them a try and see if it is more suitable for you than using your fingers alone to play. There are different picks that you can choose from but you should understand it so that you would have an idea what would you choose and the possible matches. Here is the infographic.

You can see the illustration in the infographics and other data that you can learn about the picks. Many companies also produce them together with other musical instruments. At first, when I saw someone using them, I do not know what are those for. I tried using it at first and I am not comfortable with it as I went directly into strumming without understanding how it works. that is why it is important to know basic things before you would begin as it could be meaningless.

You can read that there is the portion that is written as different materials. You can also see the different styles of the picks that are available on the market. You may have already seen one of them and you may already have tried it. That is because they are very common in some countries but in others, it is not. But you can just practice with your hand and if it is available then you could buy at low price.